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Foshan Jinrisheng Hardware Products Factory staircase column -based organizations and has better welding characteristics , corrosion resistance, high strength and lasting organizational stability , cold deformation capacity of 304L stainless steel material is superior as a product within the main raw material , Jinrisheng staircase column advocated using technology to promote environmental protection, energy conservation, the sustainable development of human nature to make modest . Jinrisheng senior technical expert team founded by industry technical background , commitment to research and provide a comprehensive set of stairs guardrail installation and technical solutions. Staircase column provided from Jinrisheng , safety, appearance, structure, system performance, reliability and ease of use of the product such as a full range of technology integration , that provide the most reasonable solution. Jinrisheng product quality as enterprise life , the company controlling the production process from the beginning to the series every aspect of the final product reliability test , these tests will cover : all the important flatness, safety , shock resistance, barrier properties , etc. reliability test performance Jinrisheng will adopt the most stringent quality assurance system to ensure the perfect quality of every Jinrisheng products. Jinrisheng Hardware Products Factory , will make unremitting efforts closely with creative products and friends around the world .